Ultra Violet In Game Rules

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Ultra Violet In Game Rules

Post  Scorpie on Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:46 pm

In Game Rules

Green Rules(Breaking them will cause Low Punishment)

1.Bug abuse is forbidden .
2.Administrator disrespect is forbidden.
3.Player insult is forbidden.
4.Player disrespect is forbidden.
5.AFK'ing is forbidden.

Yellow Rules(Breaking them will cause Medium Punishment)


Red Rules(Breaking them will cause High Punishment)

1.Cheating, Hacking and using any kind of 3rd party patches is disallowed and stricktly forbidden.
2.Any kind of advertising is forbidden.
3.Ban evade is forbidden.
4.Trying to hack other server account is forbidden.
5.Abusing your Administrator powers is forbidden.


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